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Privacy Policy

Welcome to recenttec.com ("Site"), which is owned and operated by Recenttec, Inc. ("Recenttec" or "we"), 30F., 159, Songde Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 110, Taiwan. This privacy policy is designed to explain our practices regarding the collection and use of information received from you and/or your company.

In order to provide you with product information, services, notification of quality control, technical support and news, we may collect and use your personal information through your voluntary submission. The personal information includes name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, IP, and etc.. We will protect such information in accordance with the privacy policy listed below

  1. We only use your personal information to respond to your request, improve the content, services, and products that we provide, communicate information to you, for our marketing and research analysis, and for other purposes identified to you.
  2. We will not share your personal information with other third parties without your specific prior consent.
  3. You may at any time request corrections or updates to your personal information. We will promptly respond to such request for information in accordance with local laws. Please contact our customer service center if you have above requests.
  4. Customer service center
Mrs. Betty Pai
Recenttec Inc.
Phone: +886227230886
E-mail: support@recenttec.com
  5. We always respect and follow the international rules or principles of privacy.
  6. We are committed to protecting the security of your personal information, and we take reasonable technical and organizational steps to safeguards your personal information and provide it from unauthorized access, loss, destruction or alteration. When we transmit highly confidential information (such as a credit card number) over the Internet, we protect it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

As no system is 100% secure, Recenttec, Inc. does not guarantee that information you provided shall remain private under all circumstances.
  7. Questions or Comments
If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy, please contact us at the following address:
Recenttec Inc.
30F., 159, Songde Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei 110, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2727-3020 Fax: +886-2-2727-3032

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in purchasing Recenttec products. Our goal is to value your business and make your purchasing experience as happy as possible. The following Terms & Conditions ("Terms") apply to all sales of product(s) and/or provided services by Recenttec or its affiliated companies (together referred to as "Recenttec"). If you have any questions about our quotation or ordering process, please call Customer Services at +886-2-2727-3020, or mail to support@recenttec.com

Acceptance Recenttec offer to sell product(s) and/or provide services to customer is expressly conditioned upon customer's acceptance of these Terms. These Terms set forth herein shall supersede any conflicting terms contained on customer's purchase order or any other literature furnished to customer by Recenttec.

Product Use and Restrictions Recenttec products are intended primarily for laboratory research purposes and, unless otherwise stated on product labels, in catalog or in other literature furnished to customer, are not to be used for any other purposes, including but not limited to, in vitro diagnostic purposes, in foods, drugs, medical devices or cosmetics for humans or animals or for commercial purposes. Customer acknowledges that the products have not been tested by Recenttec for safety and efficacy in food, drug, medical device, cosmetic, commercial or any other use, unless otherwise stated in Recenttec literature furnished to customer. Customer are solely responsible for making sure that the way you use products complies with applicable laws, regulations and governmental policies. Customer shall use Recenttec products in accordance with our instructions.

Price The price for product(s) and/or provide services is shown in a written customer quote. Any taxes (including VAT), duties, levies or other government fees shall be paid by customer in addition to the price quoted or invoiced. If customer is exempt from sales taxes, please be sure to provide the proper documentation at the time of ordering.

Delivery and Shipment Recenttec may make every effort to ship the products or provide the services hereunder in accordance with the requested delivery date, provided that Recenttec accepts no liability for any losses or for damages arising out of delays in delivery. All delivery dates are estimates and the time of delivery shall not be of the essence. Recenttec shall be entitled to deliver the products in installments.

All Recenttec products are sold FOB our facility. Products are delivered when we load them onto the commercial carrier at our facility. At this point customer become responsible for risk of loss and damage. If any product is lost or damaged while it is being transported, Recenttec will try to help customer deal with the issue with the carrier. Recenttec do not clear products for import into customer's country. Title to products will pass to customer upon our delivery of the products to the carrier.

Payment Unless otherwise stated in Recenttec's literature furnished to customer, payment terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice, subject to the approval of Recenttec's credit department.

Recenttec retains ownership of any and all products delivered to the customer until Recenttec has received full, unconditional payment for such goods or services supplied by Recenttec.

Limited Warranties
I. Limited Warranties for consumables. Unless a different written warranty is included with product literature, Recenttec warrant that each consumable will meet its specifications stated in our published catalogs. This warranty lasts from the time we deliver the consumable until either the consumable's expiry or "use by" date or its specified number of uses.
II. Limited Warranties for equipments. Unless a different written warranty is included with product literature, we warrant that equipments will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months after they are installed, provided however, regardless of installation date, this warranty will not last longer than 15 months from the date of shipment. Recenttec also warrant that equipments will perform in accordance with our published specifications when they are delivered. Recenttec warrant that spare parts customer purchase from us and that we install, or are installed by a company we have certified as an authorized installer, will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 3 months from the date we deliver them, or, if longer, the original warranty period of the equipments in which the part is installed.
III. Exclusions. Recenttec warranties do not apply to defects or failures caused by
External sources such as short circuits or incorrect voltages
Normal wear and tear
Equipments sold to customer as a 'used' product
Contact with improperly used or unapproved chemicals or samples
Parts that are excluded from warranty in the equipment's supplementary Terms
Repair, modification, alteration by anyone other than us or a person authorized by Recenttec
Removal, use or maintenance in an improper, inadequate, or unapproved manner, such as failure to follow our instructions or operating guidelines, operation outside of stated environmental or use specifications, or operation with unapproved software, materials or other products
Manufacture in accordance with specifications customer gave Recenttec
Installation of software or interfacing, or use of the equipment in combination with software or products Recenttec have not approved
Neglect or accident caused by customer.

Inspection Customer shall be responsible for inspecting all products shipped hereunder prior to acceptance, provided, that if customer shall not have given Recenttec written notice of rejection fully specifying and documenting the reasons thereof within 5 days following shipment to customer, the products shall be deemed to have been accepted by customer.

Recenttec may, on customer's premises, inspect any hazardous products claimed not to conform. In the alternative, any claimed non-conformance may be confirmed through analysis by a third-party laboratory reasonably acceptable to both parties and within a reasonable time frame. If, as a result of said analysis, non-conformance is confirmed, the cost for said analysis shall be paid by Recenttec; otherwise customer shall pay for said analysis.

Product Return Policy
I. All returns must be authorized by Recenttec in order to insure proper credit and must be requested within 60 days of purchase. NOTE: All returns are subject to a minimum 15% restocking charge. For returns not due to Recenttec error, customer shall pay for all transportation fees related to the returned product. To ensure proper credit, each product return must include the following information:
Customer Name and Address
Purchase Order Number
Recenttec Shipping Order Number
Date of Invoice
Catalog Number of Returned Item(s)
Recenttec Return Authorization Number
Reason for Return
II. Products not authorized for return include:
Products not in completely resalable condition (including products with damaged, missing or defaced labeling or packaging)
Chemicals, reagents, sterile or any controlled products (unless products do not meet specification)
Laboratory apparatus or equipments that have been used or are without the original packaging, labeling and operating manuals
Refrigerated products or other perishables (unless products do not meet specification)
Products purchased on a Special Order Basis
Products with an expired shelf life or an expiration date too short for resale
Discontinued products
III. Each return shipment of hazardous materials must be packed and labeled in accordance with applicable regulations applying to transportation of hazardous materials. Shipping documents must also meet applicable transportation regulations. When necessary, customer shall include with each return shipment of equipment, a certification from an authorized representative of the company that the equipment was properly decontaminated in accordance with current regulations and other recommended guidelines. To ensure prompt handling, the return authorization number should be placed on the outside of the package.
IV. For valid product claims timely made, Recenttec will replace or repair the product, or provide customer with a credit for the price customer paid, at our option, after customer return the product to us in accordance with the instructions. If customer wish to make a claim for a breach of our equipment related service warranty, you must do so within 60 days after we complete the service. For valid service claims timely made, we will re-perform the services or refund customer the price charged to you for the services, at our option.

I. Recenttec may not be responsible or liable for failing to perform our obligations under the Terms to the extent caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In certain situations, Recenttec may use our reasonable judgment and apportion products then available for delivery fairly among our customers.
II. Recenttec's failure to exercise any rights under the Terms is not a waiver of our rights to damages for your breach of contract and is not a waiver of any subsequent breach. If any provision or part of the Terms is found by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will not affect the other provisions of the Terms. No person other than you or us will have any rights under the Terms. Headings are for convenience only and shall not be used in the interpretation of these Terms.
III. Customer agree to keep confidential any non-public technical information, commercial information (including prices, without limitation) or instructions, received from us as a result of discussions, negotiations and other communications between Recenttec in relation to our products or services.