Microplate Washer 200

A semi-automatic washer which designed to wash immunoassays in 8-well strips ELISA plates and 96-well ELISA microplates.


Microplate Washer 200 is a semi-automatic washer designed to wash immunoassays in 8-well strips ELISA plates and 96-well ELISA microplates. The system applies a vacuum and pressure source connected with a suction bottle, buffer bottle and 2 x 8-Channel manifold. There are 2 rows of stainless steel tube with different length on the manifold, the shorter row for dispensing buffer, the longer for sucking waste medium. When the system powered on, the vacuum pump starts to run, if the longer row of tubes are immersed into well, then the waste medium in the well will be sucked into the waste bottle. On the other side, when press the button on the manifold, the shorter tubes will dispense buffer into the well. The manifold is made of PTFE, and the tubes are stainless steel 304, durable, autoclavable and effective.



1.Semi-automatic washer for 8-well strips ELISA plate and 96-well ELISA microplate

2.Easy to use

3.Dispensing pipes are made by stainless steel #304, durable and autoclavable

4.Offers an unique platform, users can place the microplate in any slope


Operation Steps
 Place a 96-plate on the working platform with slope position.

[Release Buffer]: Dispense washing buffer into each row of 96-plate wells by
pressing the button. (Fig.1)

[Sucking the waste solution]: Inclines the manifold (about 12 degrees angles)
and let the suction tubes contact the solution and waste solution will be sucked.

 More operation steps are descripted detailed in the manual.

Quality Control

1.ISO9001-2000 Certificate

2.CE Mark approval



1 year warranty

Order Information


u   196200-03   Buffer bottle, 2 liter

u   196200-04   Waste bottle, 2 liter

u   196100-00   2 x 8-Channel Manifold

u   196100-03   Spare Part Kit

u   196200-36   Silicon Tube (ψ5/16" x ψ3/16"), 100cm