Lumido HRP marker pen

Lumido HRP marker pen can use to mark the pre-stained molecular weight standard markers on PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes in western blot experiment, and therefore the markers can be visualized and recorded for further analysis.

  Western blotting (WB) is the most utilized techniques in current life science research. However, due to the complexities of biological materials and the insufficient specificity of some utilized antibodies, some intriguing WB results are generally observed, such as (1) multiple band signals or (2) hybridized bands coming with unsure molecular weight. To validate a WB result, calculating the molecular weight of the obtained protein signals may be the most straight forward mean. 
  The Lumido HRP marker pen is designed to ease such task. After electroblotting proteins from gels to PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes, just use the Lumido HRP marker pen to mark the pre-stained molecular weight standard markers and perform regular hybridization procedure. During the colorimetric or chemiluminenscent development step, the bands of molecular weight standard marker can be visualized clearly.

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Cat. no. R13-LH03-50 (for 1000 membranes)
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